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Biozone Replacement Lamps (Bulbs)

For best results, replace the lamp in your Biozone Air Purifier annually to maintain the purifying power of the product. The lamp (bulb) in all Biozone Air Purifiers is effective for and should be replaced after about 9,000 hours or one year of continual use even if the lamp is still glowing after this period. If the lamp burns out in your Bizone Air Purifier, you must replace the fuse as well. We suggest ordering spare or replacement fuses with lamps, normally one fuse per lamp.

We offer only official Biozone lamps with the full manufacturer's warranty shipped directly from the Biozone factory to you. Please note that use of non-Biozone lamps or parts or using the wrong bulbs voids the one-year warranty provided by the factory. Also, only official Biozone lamps are covered by Biozone's lamp warranty. No need to risk losing your warranty since we offer the most competitive pricing for all the lamps and fuses.

Majority of Biozone Air Purifiers used in non commercial applications such as homes and offices have used two sizes for the lamps, 4" and 8" sizes. Recently however, Biozone has changed the two sizes to only the 8" size lamp with different UV production capacities from %25 to %100. Although the 4” bulb’s application has been phased out, this size replacement bulb is still available for the older Biozone air purifiers.

Biozone 4", %100 Lamp
For older Biozone 500 Air Purifiers (BZ500 air purifier)
Biozone 4 inch lamp
4 Inch Replacement Lamp picture for older Biozone 500 Air Purifier
Biozone 8 ", %25 Lamp
For Biozone 500 Air Purifiers (BZ500 air purifier)
Biozone 8 inch lamp %25
8 Inch Replacement Lamp picture for Biozone 500 Air Purifier
Biozone 8 ", %50 Lamp
For Biozone 1000 and Biozone 2000 Air Purifiers (BZ1000 and BZ2000 air purifiers)
Biozone 8 inch lamp %50
8 inch %50 Replacement Lamp picture for Biozone 1000 Air Purifier and Biozone 2000 Air Purifier
Biozone 8 ", 100% Lamp
For Biozone 3000 & 4000 Air Purifiers (BZ3000-BZ4000 air purifiers)
Biozone 8 inch lamp %100
Replacement Lamp picture for Biozone 4000 Air Purifier
Biozone 8", No Ozone Lamp
(model 300N). Fits any unit that takes an 8 inch lamp with 4 prongs.
Biozone 8 inch no ozone lamp
8 inch Replacement Biozone No Ozone Lamp (model 300N) picture. Fits any biozone air purifier unit that takes an 8 inch lamp with 4 prongs.
Biozone Fuses

Biozone Replacement Fuses:

1.25 Amp 250V slo-blo fuses for all Biozone units except the Biozone 4000 which is sold below.
Biozone 1.25 Amp Fuse
1.25 Amp Replacement Fuse picture for All Biozone Air Purifiers Except BZ4000

Biozone Replacement Fuses:

3.0 Amp 250V slo-blo fuses for Biozone 4000 (BZ4000). Requires 2
Biozone 3Amp Fuse
3 Amp Replacement Fuse picture for Biozone 4000 Air Purifiers

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