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The Pyramid Ashtrays

Ashtrays so well disguised they are attractive as room decor. Hieroglyphic figures cover these well designed and quality built pyramid shaped ashtrays. Available in large and smaller versions use these as, hidden ashtrays, decorative pieces, to store jewelry or precious stones or to store memories. It is said anything that is stored in a pyramid will last forever. So build yourself your own field of pyramids.

Wonderful Christmas gifts or birthday gifts or give them as presents anytime.


The Pyramids

Ashtrays so well disguised, they are attractive for room decor.

  Pyramid Ashtrays for sale @ talondevelopment.com
Style TAL486    Style TAL473M    Style TAL473S
  Pyramid Ashtray Shown Open
Two sizes of the Pyramid ashtrays shown. Pyramid Ashtray Shown Open

Large Pyramid Ashtray

Large pyramid ashtray with pewter finish
Style TAL473M
The large pyramid ashtray has a 5x5 square base and is also 5 tall and is made of a special zinc alloy with pewter finish. Top swings open to reveal a hidden ashtray made of the same material and finish. This has the same hieroglyphic figures on all four faces.
Large Pyramid Ashtray

Pyramid Ashtray TAL473S

Small pyramid ashtray with pewter finish
Style TAL473S
This pyramid ashtray is available in two distinct designs, also shown below. This one is a smaller version of the large pyramid and has the same hieroglyphic figures. So it matches perfectly with the large one. This pyramid ashtray has a 3.25x3.25 square base and is 3.25 tall. Top swings open to reveal a hidden ashtray made of the same material and finish. Set them next to each other and enjoy the pleasure of the pyramids.
Small Pyramid Ashtray 1


Pyramid Ashtray TAL486

Small pyramid ashtray with intricate detail with pewter finish
Style TAL486
This version is the same size as the one above but has 4 different and splendid Egyptian bas-reliefs at the base of the pyramid. Each meticulous bas-relief shows an incredible amount of detail from the eye of the ibis to the bow of the archer. The intricate rock layers of the Great Pyramid are clearly visible. Top swings open to reveal a hidden ashtray made of the same material and finish.
Pyramid Ashtray 1
Intricate left side detail of pyrmaid ashtray
Left Side
Intricate back side detail of pyrmaid ashtray
Back Side
Intricate front side detail of pyrmaid ashtray
Front Side
Intricate right side detail of pyrmaid ashtray
Right Side


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