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Shoe Claw

Walk on any slick surface in complete confidence.
"Shoe Claw" traction cleats for slippery surfaces or slippery side walks. This spiked shoe harness will enable you to safely and securely walk on ice, snow, and slippery surfaces. Shoe Claw fit easily and securely onto any size shoes or boots. Light weight, but gives heavy duty support. Accepts any standard cleats. Supplemental or replacement cleats are available below. Why risk slipping when it is so easy to prevent accidents by using Shoe Cleats?

For women's shoes or boots
A must for senior citizens


For men's shoes or boots

Cleats are easily removeable & Changeable

Shoe Claw traction cleats for slippery surfaces, safely and securely walk on ice, snow, and slippery surfaces. Shoe Claw uses a durable nylon foundation and specially designed nylon strapping. Velcro-quick closures secure Shoe Claw to shoes or boots in seconds. Unlike other traction devices which are as expensive as cleated shoes or use stretchy rubber which ages and can break or lose studs, Shoe Claw is made to last for years. Light weight and easy to use, Shoe Claw can prevent accidents and serious injury caused by slippery surfaces. Slips easily onto any shoe. Carry one in pocket, purse, attaché case, or car. Don't get stranded in dangerous winter conditions.

One size fits all. Small enough to tuck in purse or pocket. Carry a pair in pocket, purse, brief case, or car for unexpected slippery conditions or a pair to your loved ones.

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Prevent accidents and avoid serious injury. Be prepared for icy walking conditions. Shoe Claw will not slip on ice or snow. Anytime you use snow tires on your car, you should have Shoe Claw for your feet. Shoe Claw gives you the confidence to safely:
* Walk on icy or snowy sidewalks
* Shovel snow
* Move around at the ski hill
* Walk to and from your car in an icy parking lot

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Why buy cleated shoes when you can fit a Shoe Claw to any pair of shoes? Provides extra traction for sports or outdoor activities any time / any season. Shoe Claw gives you the confidence to safely:
* Play golf on any turf
* Play sports -- soccer, baseball, football
* Hike in woods or on mountain trails
* Garden on slopes * Fish, hunt, etc.

Other cleat styles for various activities are available here, but any standard cleats will fit the Shoe Claw.

A must for senior citizens


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