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8" Windproof Ashtray
This unique commercial quality windproof ashtray hides ash & cigarette butts inside & keeps tables clean & ash free, especially in a breezy outdoor setting. This is the perfect smoking accessory for indoor or outdoor use. The easy-clean melamine makes it heat resistant and dishwasher safe. Sun resistant colors go well with outdoor pool and patio furniture.
Ideal Accessory For:
* RV
* Indoor and Outdoor
Commercial 8 inch Windproof Ashtays.
8" Ashtray
See smaller 5" ashtray below
The unique cover keeps ashes from being blown by wind and reduces odor while keeping ash and butts out of sight, even while smoking. You can enjoy a continuously clean-looking ashtray.

* Hides old cigarette butts & ash
* Tables appear clean to smokers & non-smokers
* Windproof design keeps ash from blowing
* Durable Melamine - easily cleaned & dishwasher safe
* Sun resistant colors allow smokers to match outdoor pool & patio furniture
* Cigarettes are easily & cleanly snuffed out
* Money back guarantee
* Great gift idea for your friends
5"Windproof Ashtray

Ideal Accessory For:
* RV
* Indoor and Outdoor

  Commercial 5 inch Windproof Ashtays in Black, White, Green, Red, Sky Blue, and Navy Blue colors. 5" Ashtrays
Have an extra 8" one on hand

We Accept smokeless ashtray smoke trap


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